What I love about this dress is that the print reminds me of the ceiling at National Gallery in London. The print is like the walls at some palace in Italy or France. I love it. I bought the dress from a market in Phuket, Thailand. As expected the material is not so comfortable and the quality is bad, but that don't bother me. I only bought it for the shape and the prin. I also think it's far more interesting than most dresses that are sold in regular stores. 
I took these photos with my dad some months ago, when it was still warm enough here. It was sunset so we managed to capture that beautiful, cold dusk-light. (and my hair looked good in these photos, which is always positive)

I paired the dress with burned-red/orange gladiators from Zara, which matched the colors in the dress. The white belt with golden details came with the dress. 

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