Country Side

It's Sunday, I hate Sundays. No idea why, maybe because it's sort of a pre-monday which is awful, can I just say.

Today I'll be working out, watching movies with my family and cuddling with my kitten. I should be more productive than that, I know, considering I rarely get anything done. But since it's Sunday, I think one should take it a little bit easier.

The picture above is taken a few weeks ago, when I decided to take some country inspired photos. Sadly, they didn't really work out because of the weather and the light, I guess. But I did get approximately one or two great photos.

I've often been thinking about snapping some shots of my new winter and late autumn jacket from Ted Baker{photo above}.
I love it, It's absolutely fantastic in my opinion and the inside is incredible with the dark floral pattern. It can be styled in many different ways: Classy, Laid-back, chic etc.
I love the trench-cut on it. That's the main reason I tried it on. It's also Ted Baker, which is one of my favorite high-end brands. Ted Baker always succeeds to impress me with brilliant floral patterns for winter and for spring, amazing quality and great shapes.
I've been lately craving their new pumps, black velvet with rose gold details and a big crystal flower on the top. So my style!

I wear this jacket almost everyday, but that day I styled it with basic black jeans from Zara and with a  shirt from Country White. My watch is also a everyday need - Daniel Wellington.

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