Good morning, I've just finished writing some emails and now I just thought I would post something about my trip to England some months ago.

We wen't to the countryside, to Ascot and Coworth Park where I stayed in the Coworth park hotel. The hotel was beautiful and very horse-themed. I am actually allergic to horses but It didn't really bother me. There was a lovely spa with gym and a inside pool.
My favorite restaurant on the hotel- area was The Barn, which was stable-themed with stylish and rustic-like details. That was also where we ate a delicious breakfast every morning.

Of course, you can't really go to England without a little shopping. So we obviously went to London to check some favorites out; Ted Baker {My true love}, Victorias Secret and Topshop to mention some of them. I bought plenty of clothes and accessories from London, but I also spent some money in local boutiques especially in Windsor where we visited the castle.
In Windsor we also did see the changing of guards.

The reason why London is such a great city is the art. My absolute favorite place on whole Time Square is National Gallery. The beautiful museum with art from all over the world is magnificent and  in my opinion one of the best. I only {this time} went to see the "30 must see paintings" and saw for example Surprise! from Henri Rousseau, which is a painting close to my heart.

Anyway, I got excellent personal training in kickboxing at the hotel gym and I would highly recommend it. Already after five minutes I was so tired and soaked in sweat, haha!
I love to do different kinds of martial arts. It really helps me to get focused when I'm angry.

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