Mon petit chat

I'm currently sitting by the fireplace and warming up after a horrible sweaty gym session. 

Mon petit chat, aka my kitten is sleeping above the aquarium, which is the holy grail for cats. That and the sauna of course. 

Christmas holiday is soon over for the most but I feel like we still breath in gingerbread and hot drinks, am I right? 
Even though I don't like Christmas that much, the feeling of coziness is one of my favorites. Sitting in a comfy chair by the fireplace with tea or hot chocolate when it's ice-cold outside is wonderful. You feel like your life is on point. 

The upcoming week will be so stressful and busy, even tho I still have time off from school. Tomorrow I have to check my sight again, go shopping and hit the gym. And while I sit in the buss I have to work on some papers for school, ugh. 

Anyway, here are som photos from Xmas eve. I'm so grateful that my family got me a wonderful little kitten. She's amazing and I love her so so much. 

My dress is from 

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