Funny how I thought I would get so much done this holiday. Oh well, this is my last day off and then the real stress and business starts.

I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to all these 'sleep-late' mornings and chocolate boxes. But in a way, I'm relieved that school/works starts. To be honest, I'm done with this holiday and ready to work. Actually, I'm just looking forward to the next holiday, when I'm going abroad, and I just want the time to pass more quickly.

I haven't been outside, like for real, in so many days. I should, I know. But it's like minus 20 degrees celsius and it's hell-freezing-cold. So I'm going to pass on that. Hah!
I like snow, it's very beautiful. And the nature, especially up here in the northern side of the globe, gets so magical and attractive. The ground is covered with thick, glittering snow and the trees are carrying a heavy burden of ice and snow. It gets lighter and brighter everywhere.
And snow of course, means you can wear your favorite snow-boots, jackets, jumpers and cardigans.

But really, I miss the feeling of after-sun lotion and skin-burning sun. I miss the warmth and the effortless summer-vibe.
Hopefully, days will pass quickly and my southern holiday will arrive soon.

These shots were taken in the summer. I'm wearing my go-to shorts from Superdry and a flared shirt from a local store. My shoes are Nike Air Max ID:s.

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