Ruffles, partly off-shoulder, florals, sheer... All of them are trends we're going to see this Spring slash summer in all street fashion stores. I love all of them.

All these features very much resemble the fine piece of art called "Spring" or "Primavera" by Sandro Botticelli. One of my favorite paintings by the very artist and also in my opinion one of world's most incredible paintings ever done.
The atmosphere and the objects create an undefinable, enchanted feeling inside me. There's so much to look at in this painting. So much to analyze and experience. You could for hours study just the background, trying to figure out the location, the weather and everything else.
I feel like this painting could almost be divided into four different paintings, four equally beautiful masterpieces.


The beautiful transparent, see-through garments and gowns we see on the ss16 runways, look so much alike the sheer throw on's the three dancing Graces {greek mythology} are wearing in the painting. The transparent fabric and the "sailing" texture creates a dream-like atmosphere. This is the same kind of feeling we can experience in numerous looks by world leading fashion houses.

Roberto Cavalli, Oscar De La Renta, Carolina Herrera


We can also see a lot of florals on the catwalks. A lot of them.
Especially more rough and rustic kind of floral patterns, but also a bit more delicate and simpler patterns, like for example in Ralph Lauren ss16. 
Personally I like the more rough and dark florals, as Dolce Gabbana often creates. But then again, more divine and lighter florals makes me feel like the wind. Free to flow through the forests. On the ground in the painting you can actually see over 130 recognizable botanical species such as daises, buttercups, violets, poppies, cornflowers, irises, lilies and several others. The work of art is actually called Primavera because of the flowering plants in the background. Botanist have confirmed that those specific plants flower throughout the hills of Florence in Spring. Which gives the painting its name. 

All Dolce Gabbana


Of course, it ain't spring without a little ruffle. 

Ruffles can make things very, very tacky. But in the right places,  heaven is created. 
Ruffles have been worn by Victorian queens and kings, ancient greeks and by the present population. 
Ruffles are invented to impress and to create the wow-effect. And they certainly do that. 
They've been around for ages, and are still going strong. 

Balenciaga, Jason Wu, Roberto Cavalli 

I've seen this painting in real life several years ago. It can be found in The Uffizi Galleria in Florence amongst many other beautiful and significant pieces from Botticelli, like the birth of Venus. 

To understand the meaning and the symbolic of Primavera, you have to look back at the ancient greeks and romans mythologic about Venus, Flora, the Graces... etc. But even without knowing the myths you can see the tension, the beauty and the feeling of the painting. You can understand what's going on, what's happening between the gods and the semi-gods. 

I love this painting, and it's always going to be a significant and meaningful childhood-memory that I was able to see it. 

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