Finally it's snowing outside. 

Today, the first of January I'm thinking of just staying in, reading my favorite magazines and enjoying numerous cups of tea. Sounds like a good plan in my ears.

Sometimes I feel like there's not enough time to read magazines or books. When I have time I use it to do something else and the only times I read on my spear time is to the exams. I love good books especially murder mysteries but books that has something to do with theft and art. I think it's rather interesting to find out about those kind of things.

Anyway, today I also have to read for exams, which I strongly hate doing. Especially when the subject is so boring. When I read stuff like that I always find something more interesting, like the ceiling for example. Haha!

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  1. I love your pictures, so awesome !!
    Also, Happy New Year, enjoy 2016 ! <3

    Suzanne xx