Baby Blue 'n BABY PINK

What a rough week and finally, finally it's the waited weekend. Finally I can get real cozy in my bed and cuddle with my cat. The whole week I've been struggling with a horrible flu, tests and school work such as presentations and articles. Now I'm sick again and I've decided to take it slow this weekend.

Earlier today my friend and I strolled around in the city, searching for good photoshoot locations. We did get a bunch of great shots, but of course, when you live here, the weather is very (very!) unpredictable. Yesterday it was warm and sunny, but today when I woke up there was a freaking snow storm outside. And of course the temperature was totally wrong for the outfit I had chosen for our shoot. So, the majority of the time I struggled with holding my fingers warm when taking photos - it was indeed, a struggle.

I regret a bit my choice of outfit. A, it was too cold and B, I went with a oat-colored cashmere sweater. I forgot I already live in a town surrounded my earthy and grey toned colors, should've gone with something bright and colorful instead. Oh well, this look was really about the necklaces and the bomber.

Look -  Sweater: Zara, Crop Top: BikBok, Bomber: Stradivarius, Necklace: Stradivarius, Jeans: Vero Moda. 

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  1. Such a cool look and gorgeous photos! :) You look great! :) x