Hey y'all! I'm so done with this horrible weather outside. It's like a bomb of snow, rain and bad mood exploded. Luckily, it's already Wednesday tomorrow and we're halfway through the week. I can see my busy but fun weekend in the end of this dark tunnel. 

God, I miss the heat and (surprisingly) my sunburns. My tan is already fading away and I'm starting to realize I actually have to wear long jeans and warm pullovers... Please summer come quickly! All my shorts, crop tops, crochet tops and skirts, trench coats etc. are already waiting for the warm weather. 

I spent my weekend reading books, doing homework and watching all night long my new favorites Scandal and Blacklist. Oh so good, but now I need some socializing and fortunately I've been invited to a couple of parties for Friday and Saturday. It'll be so much fun! 

Anyway, I have to continue reading about the second World War and then rush to my tennis lesson. Have a nice evening! 

Ps. Love my new boyfriend/mom jeans from Stradivarius so comfortable but still edgy and chic. Matched them with my new crop top with long sleeves, also from the same store. 
{Found this really cool spot and decided to snap some photos, it was like an amphitheater with lovely, beautiful flowers growing above it}

Photos from my trip a couple of weeks ago: Everything from Stradivarius. 

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  1. This has to be my favorite post! Can’t wait for the new one!

    Diana Cloudlet

  2. I love this jeans, too! You look beautiful dear! :-D
    Have a great day,