First design up!

 So you may already know that I study art besides the regular upper secondary school. I love painting,  drawing comics and photographing, but most of all I love designing clothes and its something I want to do in the future. Since I was about eight I've wanted to become a fashion designer. I love fashion, creating things, influencing and inspiring others. I've closely followed fashion through out my whole life and it all started from my mothers fashion magazines. Nowadays, I still read fashion magazines, but I also scroll down fashion on instagram, tumblr and on other social media. I also do watch fashion shows on youtube during fashion weeks.

This is something I drew a couple of days ago. It's not colored or lined yet but I'll soon buy knew crayons and markers, so that will be soon done. I've thought I'd now start to post more photos f my designs I do on my spear time. With school and everything else, the time I get to spend drawing at home is limited, but I try to exceed at this and become better - and the only way to do that is by drawing, drawing and drawing.

Anyway, I think this one is a bit "Riri". I was actually inspired by Rihanna and thought the pants that are inspired by Elie Saabs ss16 would suit her well. This is something I could see many people wear, especially me.

Talk to y'all soon!

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  1. Beautfiul sketch! :) You are really talented! :) x

  2. Great post, you have a very nice blog! :D

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