I've missed these chill days, me laying in my bed with my cat beside me, the computer in my lap and a hot cup of tea on the bedside table. Nowadays I feel seven days a week isn't enough! But that's just great in my opinion. Back in the days, not so long ago, I was always at home, doing nothing. It was fun, but I did miss the feeling of business and I felt, to put it bluntly, very very alone. Now I often hang out with friends, plan weekends, go to study groups and just socialize. I'm not a very social person. I like to be with people I really enjoy hanging out with, but when it comes to me, I need my personal space. I love having just a couple of very close friends that I really can rely on. It's the best. 

So, school is soon over and then it's straight to work. I don't mind having a job, it's a blessing to be right. But hopefully I'll be taking it easy in some point. I always plan to do so much in the summer, but it never really happens. I think this summer will be different, with me having a 7-8 hour job. 

Anyways, I need to get back to my exam reading. You have fun! 

Some random snapshots from the Thai-days. 

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