"Now, Bangkok has him"

At this moment I'm enjoying a tall glass of ice-cold water by the pool at 31 degrees celsius, which for me, is very (very!) hot. I guess it's now day five of my Thailand trip and earlier today I landed in Bangkok. The first couple of days I spent in Koh Samui, a lovely island with incredible snorkeling destinations. That was the kind of lousy part of this vacation. Now it's time for some city exploring and other activities. 

I must say it's significantly better to work on my school projects, edit photos and overall scroll through social media, in this heat, by this pool with the loveliest atmosphere rather than in my own, crowded room back home or in school. I ain't complaining. 

The sun is setting just now, leaving a beautiful pinkish glow on the buildings on the river bank. I love this city! Feels like home for me. 

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