It's been a while since my last update. I've been away and now it's a extremely hectic time post summer because of all the exams and tests.

I was in Thailand with my family for exactly eight days. We spent de first four days in Koh Samui, a paradise Island with great snorkeling opportunities, very beautiful beaches and lovely night markets. Then after that we flew to Bangkok and had a lovely city-time in four days.

We've aldready visited the main tourist attractions in the past years so it was fun having a time to explore the other side of the city, at the same time, the culture. We did still see again Wat Arun temple and visited a museum about The King's boats.

My favorite thing to do in Bankok is weekend market, the best place for everything from food to clothing. I just love the people, the atmosphere and the thrill of finding something different.

Our hotel was situated just on the bank of river Chao Praya. It's so lovely sitting in a boat at night time, floating in the river and seeing all the skyscrapers lit up. It's purely amazing.

Of course, I did burn myself on the first day of our vacation and then had to deal with it the rest of the holiday - fun! It was the hottest time of the year in Thailand, 35-40 degrees celsius. Just so you barely got out of bed, into a sun bed and then sometimes even into the ocean, which was i fact, warmer than the actual air.

I truly recommend taking a long-tail boat for a snorkeling trip, rather that explore the underwater life with a group. It's way fun to just cruise around the islands and clear waters when nobody's there. It's so peaceful. The water was so warm and the beaches, the sand was so fine that I can't believe it. So lovely.

I did take some thai-boxing lessons at the hotel. Loved it! I've done it before but not with a professional. I like every martial art and different kinds of boxings are so fun! My dad and I also went to see a Muay Thai match. It was a bit more violent and so much different from regular boxing with all the rituals and kickings. In one hour there were at least two knock-outs where the fighters passed out and was carried out from the arena.

I miss that place just looking at the pictures. Oh so incredible!

There will be so much more photos from the trip, I promise, as soon as I get them all downloaded to my computer. My computer was full from only one memory card of photos and so is my phone, haha!  I have more photos from the snorkeling trip and some outfit shots, they'll be up soon so stay tuned loves.

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