Sunset in Koh Samui

Hello, I'm currently planning my week and my schedule (of course, with a cup of tea beside me)

Anyways, I've got and idea for a collection and I'll probably start designing it in a bit, but for now I'll just scroll down Tumblr. Haha! I know, I'll never stop. 

These shots are from Koh Samui, from my rooms little private pool. There was a cool lightning and I just thought to snap some photos with my sister. 

I love high quality photos, but these are taken with my phone so they aren't exactly the best. 
I love dark pictures though, these especially. At sunset the camera catches the sun beautifully reflecting the surface of the water, leaving beautiful and interesting features in the pool. I also love how the sunset makes the skin glow and seem more tanned, less sunburned also in my case. 

Talk to you later. 
By the way, I stayed at the six senses hotel & resort. Beautiful hotel with beautiful rooms and villas. 

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