The Never Ending Summer | In Bangkok

In Bangkok I got to experience new flavors of everything from super-spicy shrimps to lemongrass ice-cream. One of the many restaurants I visited was The Never Ending Summer, which is located my the Chao Praya river. Beautiful rustic, old buildings with modern features. Such as, glass walls and doors, open kitchen, fatboy-chairs, plants everywhere etc. The main building with the actual restaurant in it was beautiful. The mixture of old, new and traditional took away my breath. More close to the river there was a summer house followed by the patio. Loved it! The place was an former Jam Factory, now used as restaurant, cafe and a little interior shop. 

The food was also really good, very spicy (very!), but delicious. The food was mainly traditional thai home-cooking. Lovely, oh so lovely!

If you ever go to Bangkok, please visit this place!

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  1. You look beautiful! Love Bangkok! :) x
    Helena - Swedish girl in Tokyo

  2. Bangkok must be amazing! Love the photos!



    1. Yes it is, thank you means a lot!