How cool is that old motorcycle beside me? 

What's good? 
I've just arrived to the cabin and now some working before bedtime. Today, I celebrated my sisters birthday with a little shopping and a lovely dinner, which I'll talk about later in another post perhaps.

Tonight/today, depends on where you live, I'd like to share some snapshots from Tallinn, where I was the other day. My friend and I spent a whole day walking the streets of the city, eating good food and shopping. We also managed to take a couple of shots of my look I wore that day.

Tallinn is pretty close to Helsinki. It only takes a couple of hours with a boat from HKI , depending  on the boat. It's a very beautiful city, especially the old town of Tallinn is beautiful with its rusty, old-fashioned buildings and churches. There are plenty of cute and small cafes, restaurants and boutiques along the cobbled streets to explore.

We first ate some very good gelato and later on dined at an Italian restaurant.

Started of with some cappuccinos and a latte to get the boost we needed. 

New dress I bought from Stradivarius, love it so much! Fits perfectly and the fake zipper on the back gives a classy touch to it all. 
Blue-white stripes are always right. 

Grapefruit juice and cappucino. Again... Addiction enough. 

Mojitos for dessert. 

I've wanted this kind of bomber for a long time now. A pink, satin-style, shiny bomber with nice zippers and a great fit. I love it, so easy to pair with everything - great for softening a rough look or to complete a nudie, neutral one. 

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Beautiful Karin - La photographer! 
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I walked into the Stradivarius store wearing their jeans, bomber and shoes. Walked out of there wearing their dress, a new bomber (the same in a different color) and the Stradivarius shoes. Haha! I guess they make clothes that fit me right. 

The struggles of a resting bitch face, this is my happy face! 

Loved this cafe so much! On of my personal favorites in the city. 

I was possessed by a demon, haha.. 

¡watch out for your handbag! 

 Have you ever been to Tallinn? 

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