Italian food in HKI | Presto

There's a really good restaurant in the city of Helsinki called Presto. My family and I went there for my sisters birthday and it was delicious. The restaurant is for Italian food, so naturally I was already excited to eat. 

For starters our table ordered plates of mozzarella- cheese, parma-ham and different kinds of meat and sausages + of course, some cappers salad. 

For the main course my sisters and I took the formaggio- pizza with different kinds of cheese. My parents ate meat with vegetables instead. 
Everything was so good, we didn't think about leaving any room for dessert, which I believe, is equally good. 

The location was good (Esplanadi), big windows facing the park, great atmosphere, furniture, bar etc. 
No complaints at all actually. 

So if you're wondering where to eat in HKI - Presto is a great choice. 

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