Dine in heaven

Oh, I miss this dinner so much!
I miss the atmosphere of Stockholm. Compared to Helsinki, it's so different. The people, the vibe, the whole shabam is different. The restaurant we ate at was a part of the hotel Grand. It was called the Terrace. The restaurant was beautifully decorated outside. Red and white striped pillows and a mediterranean feeling. I chose the traditional goat-cheese salad - so good!!! Highly recommend. And then for main course, shrimps and roasted vegetables, also very tasty. Best thing about the place was the heat lamps; you really need those in the coldish weather up here in north. 
One thing I also wish that would exist in my country is Pellegrino Aranciata, Pellegrino water with orange taste - heaven

There's nothing I like more that a lovely dinner amongst family & friends in a good atmosphere!
How about you? 

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